Tickets for the Sandsculptures

Go for a unique experience too and order your tickets for the sandsculptures.

the sculpture garden

enjoy in Garderen

In the middle of the Veluwe is a unique location: the Sculpture Garden in Garderen. A cozy village for everyone who wants to indulge in the most beautiful garden and home decorations.

Come have lunch at The Rose Garden, enjoy sandsculptures and store in the cozy shopping village. Hope to see you soon!

Everything for atmosphere in and around the house

Something new to discover throughout the year

A new clock for on the wall, a nice vase for on the windowsill; in the cozy shopping village in the Sculpture Garden you will find cozy atmosphere rooms, where you can enjoy shopping.

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Discover it in Garderen

The Sculpture Garden is in a unique location in Garderen. Enjoy the Rose Garden and sandsculptures. A day out for the whole family.

The Rose Garden
The Rose Garden
The Sculpture Garden
The Sculpture Garden

High Tea at the Rose Garden

In the middle of the nostalgic village of the Sculpture Garden, enjoy a delicious high tea. Reserve your spot soon for a pleasant afternoon with friends or family.

High Tea reservation